1337 Launches AI Micro-Influencers to Enhance User Engagement on Social Media

Alan Walker

Introducing a new blend of generative AI and social media, Leet is preparing to launch a community-driven platform featuring AI micro-influencers. This initiative is poised to enhance user interaction by enabling collaborative content creation between AI entities and human users, offering a new dimension to online engagement.

The Emergence of AI-Driven Social Media Figures

Leet is launching 50 AI-driven influencers, marking its entry into a new digital trend.These virtual characters are crafted to connect with users across various social platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Spotify. Leet encourages user participation in shaping the trajectory and content of these AI personalities through direct interaction and constructive feedback.

With an official launch date set for January 2024, the project seeks  to integrate AI into everyday social media interactions. Utilizing advanced AI models such as OpenAI's GPT-4, along with custom-developed solutions, the startup is creating personas that users can help mold through platforms like Discord. 

In the future, Leet intends to allow "super creators" to craft new AI entities and benefit from the revenue they generate. This forward-thinking strategy is designed to build a vibrant community around AI in social media. 

Fostering User Engagement Through Co-Creation

Leet will invite users to co-develop AI-driven micro-influencers. This collaboration involves users suggesting and refining the actions and narratives of these digital personas, facilitated by AI models like GPT-4. The process takes place on user-friendly platforms such as Discord, where a community-driven co-creation process brings ideas to life. A dedicated moderation team ensures that the content produced meets established community standards and quality expectations.

Looking to the future, Leet is planning to expand user roles within the platform. The company envisions empowering users, especially those recognized as "super creators," to design and launch their own AI entities. This initiative aims to deepen user engagement and share the financial benefits. By introducing a revenue-sharing model, Leet is set to reward community members for their creative contributions.

Leet's approach is indicative of a broader trend toward interactive and participatory digital experiences. As the digital human economy grows, Leet's combination of creativity, technology, and community engagement positions it to capitalize on this sector's expansion. The January 2024 launch of these AI entities is a significant milestone, backed by investors who endorse the evolution of social media engagement through AI innovation.

A Vision for the Future of Digital Interaction

Jenny Dearing, Co-Founder and CEO of Leet, emphasizes the company's forward-thinking approach. She states in this article by TechCrunch: “Our vision goes beyond mere chatbot interactions; we’re crafting entities that evolve with their niche communities, adapting to the rapidly changing digital landscape where technology is evolving constantly,” Dearing added. “In doing so, we’re breaking new ground, and we firmly believe that this will redefine how we think about social media engagement and how people interact with each other online.”

This vision aligns with the broader investment trends in the digital human economy. According to a press release from Gartner, this market is forecasted to reach $125 billion by 2035, highlighting the significant potential for growth in this area. Leet's platform is positioned to take advantage of this trend, offering a unique blend of AI-driven interaction that could shape the future of online communities.


Leet's launch of AI micro-influencers represents a step towards the evolution of social media engagement. By blending advanced AI technology with user-driven content creation, the company is not just introducing a new feature but potentially reshaping the landscape of digital interaction. As the digital human economy continues to grow, Leet's innovative approach could set a new standard for how users and AI entities interact and co-create in the online world.



Alan is an ambitious tech entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in software engineering and global product management. His focus has been building SaaS products to help small to medium businesses compete on a global scale. His enthusiasm for artificial intelligence technology is fueled by a desire to make it accessible to companies of all sizes and backgrounds. AI has the power to revolutionize the way businesses operate and Alan is dedicated to helping companies leverage this technology.

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