Instacart's Debut on NASDAQ

Dan Nicholson

Instacart debuted on the NASDAQ on Sep. 19th, marking a significant event for an otherwise quiet Initial Public Offering (IPO) market.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Instacart's stocks began trading at an opening price of $42 per share. With an initial price set at $30 per share for its IPO, the company was valued at approximately $10 billion. The debut saw an early surge of more than 40% which gradually tapered off, ending the first trading day with a 12% rise.

Instacart's Rise to Prominence

Since its inception in 2012, Instacart’s valuation has increased significantly, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when the demand for grocery delivery skyrocketed. By 2021, the company's valuation surged to an impressive $39 billion. Notably, Instacart chose to remain private during the 2021 IPO frenzy, opting for a debut in 2023 at a valuation significantly lower than its peak.

The company also identified advertising sales as a potential growth area beyond just direct sales. In the first half of 2023, the company reported a revenue of $1.48 billion, a 31% increase from the previous year, with advertising constituting 28% of that revenue.

The Landscape of IPO and Market Dynamics

Instacart's IPO holds significant weight in the U.S. 's venture-backed company landscape i, especially considering the lack of major public debuts since December 2021. The company's performance could very well dictate the course for venture firms and late-stage startups eagerly watching for a return of investors' risk appetite.

Instacart also faced challenges. In early 2021, the company's stock was priced at $125 a share. However, to appeal to public market investors, it significantly reduced its price. The company also shifted its strategy, prioritizing profitability over aggressive growth, which led to reduced costs associated with customer support and a lowered headcount.

Competing in a Competitive Landscape

Instacart's primary competition comes from giants such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, all of which have developed their own delivery services. Yet, Instacart remains resilient, carving its niche and partnering with significant chains like Kroger, Costco, and Wegmans.


Instacart's public debut provides not just an exciting chapter for the company but also a litmus test for the IPO market. With a unique business model, solid growth trajectory, and the ever-evolving dynamics of the grocery delivery market, Instacart's journey on NASDAQ will undoubtedly be one to watch closely in the coming years.


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Dan Nicholson is the author of “Rigging the Game: How to Achieve Financial Certainty, Navigate Risk and Make Money on Your Own Terms,” deemed a best-seller by USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. In addition to founding the award-winning accounting and financial consulting firm Nth Degree CPAs, Dan has created and run multiple small businesses, including Certainty U and the Certified Certainty Advisor program.

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