Users, Startups, and Investors Navigate Changes in ChatGPT

Alan Walker

OpenAI has introduced a beta feature for ChatGPT that enables users to interact directly with PDF files. While this update promises enhanced capabilities for ChatGPT Plus users, it also raises concerns for a niche segment of startups in the AI industry, potentially reshaping the competitive landscape. For startups and investors, this shift emphasizes the need for innovation and differentiation to thrive in a fast-paced market.

Increased Efficiency for Users

The new update from OpenAI includes the ability to read PDFs and other file types, which was previously a limitation of ChatGPT. Subscribers will be able to upload and analyze PDF documents, then ask questions or assign tasks to the AI based on the contents. 

OpenAI also announced other improvements, such as the option to use multiple tools, like DALL-E and ChatGPT, in a single session. These new features represent an evolution in the technology, allowing it to expand beyond just text-based input. The changes aim to make OpenAI more intuitive and user-friendly, helping it compete against rival chatbots. 

Impact on Wrapper Startups

While this update represents an improvement to ChatGPT, some in the tech industry see OpenAI’s changes as a threat.  Commenting on the launch of the new features, Sahar Mor, product lead at online payment company Stripe, wrote, "OpenAI just executed a move that will wipe out dozens of AI companies." 

This seemingly small update promises to have a ripple effect on the tech industry, particularly for "wrapper startups'' that have built their software around gaps in ChatGPT's capabilities. Startups that offered plug-ins allowing interactions with PDFs through ChatGPT must now differentiate themselves from the core ChatGPT service, or risk becoming obsolete.

Consider Jasper AI, a prominent wrapper startup that entered 2023 with a $1.5 billion valuation and backing from notable venture capitalists. Jasper AI created an "AI copilot" tailored for enterprise marketing teams by integrating with OpenAI's GPT model. However, this approach appears to be facing challenges, including a reported internal valuation reduction and layoffs.

Another example is ChatOCR, a ChatGPT plugin specialized in reading text from PDFs, including scans and handwritten documents. In response to ChatGPT's PDF processing update, ChatOCR conducted a user poll, revealing that 72.4% of respondents anticipated reduced usage. 

For investors, shifts in ChatGPT’s technology and service provided to its user base  may necessitate a reconsideration of investment strategies with other participants in the AI space utilizing Large Language Models. Startups that lack a unique competitive advantage risk being eclipsed by the core technology on which they rely. 


In the evolving landscape of AI technology, adaptability, differentiation, and innovation are important elements for success. As ChatGPT's capabilities grow, it serves as a reminder that rapid rule changes in the tech sector can disrupt even well-established players. Innovation without differentiation leaves a company vulnerable to the ripple effects of small changes in the market.

Entrepreneurs in the tech sector will benefit from evaluating the viability of their products and ensuring that their business is ready to adapt quickly to changes. The key for these startups will be adaptability. Recognizing the change, pivoting their offerings, or identifying fresh market gaps will be instrumental for their survival and growth.


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Alan is an ambitious tech entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in software engineering and global product management. His focus has been building SaaS products to help small to medium businesses compete on a global scale. His enthusiasm for artificial intelligence technology is fueled by a desire to make it accessible to companies of all sizes and backgrounds. AI has the power to revolutionize the way businesses operate and Alan is dedicated to helping companies leverage this technology.

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