The Hidden Perks of Exercise for Entrepreneurs: Beyond the Weight Scale

Paul Lyngso

Research underscores that exercise isn’t just about weight loss. For entrepreneurs, particularly, the non-scale victories of regular exercise can pave the path to success.

Debunking the Calorie Myth

The weight loss dilemma starts with our perception of exercise. Many overestimate the number of calories burned during workouts. A strenuous half-hour cardio session might only burn 200 to 300 calories, which can be swiftly neutralized by a donut in a mere 60 seconds. But focusing solely on calorie burn is a narrow viewpoint.

Professor Glenn Gaesser, a renowned figure in exercise physiology, asserts, “Exercise affects pretty much every cell in the body.” It's not limited to enhancing our cardiovascular health or muscle tone. Its tentacles reach deeper, influencing every organ in our system.

The CDC's Observations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) enumerate a slew of benefits entrepreneurs can tap into:

Sharper cognitive abilities: Critical for decision-making and innovation.

Alleviated depressive and anxiety symptoms: An antidote to the startup stress.

Enhanced sleep quality: Ensuring you start each business day rejuvenated.

Strengthened muscles and bones: Vital for stamina in those long working hours.

The Longevity Connection:

Federal guidelines advocate for 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity weekly. But it's not just about hitting those numbers. 

Gaesser's insights, based on an extensive review, unveil a compelling correlation between exercise and longevity. The findings suggest that intentional weight loss might lower mortality risk by 10%-15%. In contrast, amplifying physical activity or fitness could slash mortality risk by an astonishing 15%-60%.

Furthermore, a study spotlighted in JAMA Open Network discovered that even walking less than the commonly advised 10,000 steps could markedly reduce the likelihood of death due to myriad causes.

Prescribing Fitness

Dr. Robert Sallis, a staunch advocate for exercise, vouches for its multifaceted benefits. From mental well-being enhancements to mitigation of chronic diseases, the list is exhaustive. But the emphasis isn’t on Herculean feats of fitness. Even minor increments in activity can have transformative effects. He particularly warns against the pitfall of equating exercise's value solely to weight loss.


For the entrepreneurial community, the message is unambiguous. Exercise is not a monolithic concept focused on weight loss. Its advantages permeate every facet of life, offering cognitive, emotional, and physical dividends. In the entrepreneurial odyssey filled with challenges and uncertainties, regular exercise could be the secret sauce for sustainable success.


NBC News

From fitness trainer to gym owner to establishing an online fitness brand, host of The Missing Piece podcast, philosophical thinker and optimist, loving husband and father. Paul Lyngso practices growth and optimizing life in each phase and season.

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