Dr. Mel Krüg

After spending years in and out of doctor’s offices, Dr. Mel started to feel like just a number in her health journey. Pills, restrictive diets, and numbing emotions just weren’t cutting it anymore.

After discovering the powerful healing benefits of Network Spinal Chiropractic Care, Dr. Mel has radically overcome her own personal health challenges, moving from menstrual cycle dysfunction and emotional trauma to more power and strength in both her body and mind.

Dr. Mel then founded Inspire Life Chiropractic Center in 2017 in which she now helps hundreds of women and families every year overcome chronic health challenges including anxiety, indigestion, trauma, sleep, mental health, and so much more. Additionally, Dr. Mel works with clients in the realm of private, 1 on 1 business mentorship and entrepreneurial start-ups as well as mindset, embodiment, and breakthrough coaching. She is dedicated to helping women (and men of course) reclaim their power, navigate stress naturally with more ease, and ultimately live a life filled with empowerment and inspiration from within.

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