Evan Kirsch

Evan Kirsch is the Co-Founder of Avanti3 (Web3 Consultancy) & President of Frozen Puck Labs (Web3 Gaming Studio), both which serve as innovative Web3 companies specializing in forward-thinking blockchain and decentralized finance strategies for influencers, celebrities and hyper-growth focused organizations. For 15 years, Evan has navigated clients from coast-to-coast in their pursuit to innovate where they differentiate to ensure they are constantly producing at the forefront of their industries.

He co-founded MAKE Digital Group, which started in 2008 and continues to thrive today as a Web2 full-service B2B digital marketing agency and also recently acquired Thinking Bigger Media, a small-business magazine with distribution to over 100K small businesses nationwide.

He is a Certified CCA Graduate from Certainty University and is currently residing in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife and sons.

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