Understanding The Soul’s Purpose

Nicole Richards

We all have a purpose within us: our soul’s desire and part of ourselves that seeks to be the best version of who we can be. It drives us to achieve our highest potential and make the greatest contribution to those around us. 

However, discovering and nurturing this inner purpose takes work. It requires looking inward, being honest with ourselves, and making daily choices that align with our highest values and aspirations.  

In my own life's journey, I’ve learned that understanding and embracing the soul’s purpose from within comes down to a few key elements. 

Discover Your Talents

First, it’s about discovering who you are, your unique  talents and abilities. Each of us is born with innate strengths and abilities. Every human being has been endowed with talents that make them uniquely equipped to make a meaningful  difference through their individual uniqueness. 

The key is unlocking those talents and then dedicating yourself to developing them to their highest potential through constant practice and  improvement. When you connect with your innate talents and build them up, you begin to  experience the confidence and fulfillment that comes from doing work you were born to do. 

Develop Your Character

Embracing your soul’s purpose from within is also about character development. Being true to  yourself is not just about skills and achievements, it’s about who you are on the inside. It’s  about cultivating virtues like honesty, integrity, humility, courage, perseverance and compassion within yourself and letting it shine onto those around you. 

These timeless virtues distinguish who we are at a core level in any endeavor or walk of life from those who take shortcuts or compromise their values in the pursuit of success, to those who follow their souls’ journey,  embracing challenges and taking the road less traveled. Focusing on character development gives you an unshakable sense of self-worth and purpose that transcends your circumstances.  You know who you are and what you stand for regardless of titles, achievements or the  recognition of others because you follow your journey, your purpose and lean into who you are. 

Connect to a Greater Purpose

Additionally, nurturing who you are from within requires connecting to a purpose greater than  yourself. Human beings achieve their highest potential and experience deepest fulfillment when  they dedicate their talents and abilities to a purpose that makes the world a little better in some  way. 

This gives even our smallest daily actions significance, meaning and weight. For some, that purpose comes from faith; for others, it may come from being a great parent, advocacy, service or living out their virtues.. 

When you are in alignment with who you are you live your life with a higher purpose, it  unleashes your uniqueness and who you are at your souls’ level. 

Embrace Growth and Learning

Finally, embracing who you are from within means embracing the journey of lifelong  exploration, learning and growth. Becoming the best version of ourselves is not a destination at which we arrive; it’s a never-ending journey with plenty of adventures along the way. It requires  humility to admit we don’t have it all figured out. It demands openness to correction, counsel and wisdom from others. 

It means being willing to work through disappointments and setbacks that are inevitable. Your true self keeps listening from within, maturing, expanding your knowledge, challenging your inner knowing and pushing into new horizons of unseen potential. 

At times, the journey is difficult. We all face moments of anxiety, frustration and exhaustion. But ultimately, the fulfillment that comes from embracing your soul's purpose from within far outweighs the struggles along the way. 

As we lean into our talents, build character, connect to our soul’s purpose and commit to lifelong growth, we begin to experience the immense satisfaction that comes from maximizing our potential and impacting lives around us. But we can only do this when we have first filled our own cup. We were all meant for  greatness in some way. Your soul’s purpose is already within you, waiting for you to go on a  journey of a lifetime. Your journey is about discovering what that greatness looks like for you, and then doing the work each day to draw it out. 

I wish you the very best on your souls’ journey, remember to lean in, explore and embrace who you are because there is only one you and you are the only one who can take the journey, there are no shortcuts. Go, be you, be  amazing, you’ve got this! 

Nicole is an acclaimed Mind, Body and Soul Coach devoted to empowering people to live their most fulfilling lives. She works intimately with clients to support their complete well being –physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as they embark upon their journey to recover, heal, and thrive.

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