Nicole Richards

Nicole is an acclaimed Mind, Body and Soul Coach devoted to empowering people to live their most fulfilling lives. She works intimately with clients to support their complete well being –physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as they embark upon their journey to recover, heal, and thrive.

With decades of expertise studying, researching, and applying techniques related to the complete human experience, Nicole helps people transcend obstacles that hold them back. She guides them to find purpose, passion, health, and joy. An outdoor enthusiast, Nicole enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, beachgoing, scuba diving, off roading, skydiving and traveling. These activities provide renewal and joy, creating a balanced life. She also unwinds through journaling, walking her loyal companion Buster, and appreciating the restorative power of nature. Nicole is a prominent leader and mentor in the Base Case and Build program, which teaches children the strategies and principles used by the wealthiest 1% to achieve financial and personal success. She guides youth to make sound decisions and thrive in life by instilling valuable frameworks and life lessons.

Nicole has completed elite professional development courses like the rigorous Certainty Certified Advisor program. She has also been mentored by world-renowned coaches including Olympic medalist and coach, Dr. Jeff Spencer, who helps exceptional performers tap into their highest potential by changing their habits, strengthening their minds, and providing them with tools for success. Another mentor who has greatly impacted her journey is Randy Massengale, a formative senior advisor to Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Randy leans heavily into self-leadership while creating extraordinary leaders, meeting them at their point of need and propelling leaders into the next level of achievement both personally and professionally. "Live To Learn, Give To Earn" guides her own commitment to continuous self-improvement. With her dedication to lifelong learning, selfless service to others and unlocking human potential, Nicole enables clients to overcome formidable obstacles and achieve optimal health, mental clarity and spiritual wellbeing. Her professionalism, integrity and record of success empower people from all walks of life to thrive and live life to the fullest.

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