Why Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Overlook Personal Well-being

Dr. Stacy Livingston

The pressure and pace of the entrepreneurial lifestyle can make it difficult to find time for yourself. However, personal well-being is not something you can afford to overlook as a business owner. Your health and wellness are not just a luxury but a fundamental pillar that profoundly influences business outcomes.

How Your Well-being Affects Your Business

There is plenty of evidence of the positive correlation between employee well-being and business outcomes. Research shows that happy, healthy employees are more productive and motivated. The end result is better products and customer experiences. 

However, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to put their own needs aside for their businesses because they feel that there is so much at risk. When you’re the one running the show, it’s tempting to push a little harder, work a little longer, and sacrifice your own well-being for the “good” of the company.

It's crucial for business leaders to recognize that neglecting personal health can have significant consequences. Consider this: a single sick day for an employee can cost a business over $300, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now, imagine the implications when you, as the business owner, overlook your own well-being.

Energy and Stress Management

Running a business demands relentless energy and resilience. By prioritizing your health and well-being, you replenish your energy reserves so that you can be more efficient. A strong personal wellness practice is essential for building a successful business that thrives sustainably.

One huge energy drain for entrepreneurs is stress, which is unfortunately a constant companion for most business owners. Integrating strategies for stress reduction into your daily routine is paramount for mitigating its negative effects on you and your business. Stress reduction techniques like mindfulness can also help provide mental clarity for strategic decision-making during turbulent times.

Neglecting well-being and constantly burning the candle at both ends can lead very quickly to burnout. As a result of chronic workplace stress that has not been effectively managed, burnout is characterized by feelings of detachment, cynicism, and a lack of motivation. 

Entrepreneurs and business owners are particularly susceptible to burnout due to their long working hours, high-pressure decision-making, and the sense of personal investment and responsibility. 

The effects of burnout can permeate every aspect of a business, leading to decreased productivity, reduced creativity, and less effective decision-making. Proactively preventing burnout is not just a matter of individual well-being; it is imperative for maintaining a thriving business environment.

Work-Life Balance: Setting Boundaries to Prioritize Wellbeing

Success extends beyond the confines of work alone. A healthy and happy life involves a balance between personal and professional life. Therefore, setting boundaries that separate work life from home life is an imperative step toward maintaining well-being.

Personal time, hobbies, and exercise are not indulgences but essential components of your life. Equally important are social relationships and family, which contribute significantly to mental health. Cultivating a positive work culture that encourages work-life balance ensures that the entire business ecosystem thrives.

Bestselling author and business expert Heather Monahan explained the importance of work-life balance in an interview with Business News Daily. “Prioritizing your health first and foremost will make you a better worker and person,” she contends. “If your job is draining you and you are finding it difficult to do the things you love outside of work, something is wrong,” and it will eventually lead to burnout.

A Preventative Approach to Health and Wellness

Time is a precious asset in entrepreneurship, and viewing preventive health care as an investment rather than an indulgence is a strategic mindset. The time you invest in your health and wellness now will pay off in higher productivity and fewer sick days in the future.

In a world that relies heavily on pharmacology to treat health issues reactively, adopting a proactive approach becomes paramount. Early detection of any health issues through regular health checkups is a good first step, allowing entrepreneurs to proactively manage their health.

Beyond medical checkups, it’s essential to build healthy routines. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, mindfulness or relaxation practices, and evidence-based health supplements can form part of your health and wellness practice. 

The goal is not just to treat issues after they arise but to prevent illnesses through proactive and regular practices that keep entrepreneurs healthy and resilient. Don’t wait until you’re sick or burnt out to start taking care of yourself.


In the entrepreneurial journey, so often filled with challenges and uncertainties, health and wellness are fundamental pillars. Prioritizing personal well-being empowers entrepreneurs to overcome challenges with energy and resilience. An investment in your health and wellness will pay high dividends not only in your future well-being but also in the sustainable, long-term success of your business.





Business News Daily

This article was originally published in Certainty News [link to article page]

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